PARENTS / 2017 & 2018

pencil on paper / about 30 x 40 cm

These drawings illustrate some anecdots I was sure my parents told them to me this way. It was anecdotes about their life and upbringing, about the flight from the east to the west, settling down near Frankfurt am Main, about their parents
Together with my brother, Lutz Bielefeldt, we wrote down what we thought we heard over the years from our parents. And then we made the illustrations to this stories. It was interessting to present them to our parents: they learned a lot new things about their lives.

Although I wrote down these anecdotes I hesitate to present them here in words.
One thing is privacy, the other thing is that memory is a process. And one should never be too sure about what one thinks to know.

It starts with a picture for my mother and is followed by one for my father (mum, dad, mum ... etc.).

Grandfather in crowded streetcar in Frankfurt short after war

Father cornered by his twin sisters.

Mother falls in love with father`s skiing skills - and his leather pants.

Father and a friend prepare muddy missiles for the grumpy uncle.

After-war-Grandmother collects Maggi-herbs for the Maggi-factory for the family outcome - I only found out now that there are no herbs in the Maggi-Sauce.

Father has a juvenile flirt while listing to the war-stories of a veteran.

Grandfather wants to take on a couple of GI`s because they are to noisy.

Father knocked over two gas bottles in the basement. No safety valve. He ran out, Grandfather - who built the house - jumps in and clears the situation.

Party in the party room. Everyone had it in the 60ies/70ies. A place of enticement and immorality.